Why Does Chronic Head and Neck Tension Happen?

Chronic head and neck tension is incredibly common and it does not play favorites. Both men and women experience chronic tension problems and the condition is in no way age-specific. Most frequently it has to do with individual lifestyle & habits, or performing repetitive and strenuous tasks.

Many people have jobs where they sit down, perhaps hunched over a computer, and remain in the same posture for long periods of time. This can cause stiffness, soreness, and pain ranging from dull and achy to shooting pain with pins and needles. Others are involved in vigorous sports activities, and yet others perform tasks that require continuous exertion. Tension and pain result, often requiring chronic head and neck tension treatment.

How Is Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treated?

This is where things get problematic. Usually when you get to where the head & neck muscle tension is chronic, eliminating it proves monumentally difficult. Time doesn’t heal ALL things, so where do people turn when it gets bad?

When head & neck tension reaches chronic levels the tendency is to either self-medicate with over-the-counter pain pills or seek professional help. Too frequently the healthcare provider’s solution is to rely on drugs like muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. They WILL provide temporary relief from tension symptoms and pain but they WON’T fix the problem. They just can’t.

If you are one of the millions suffering with severe chronic tension in the head and neck then you probably already know that mild medications rarely cut it and the stronger drugs will keep you living in a fog. There has to be a better way, and for most chronic tension patients now there is.  Long term relief is possible.

Regardless of how you originally developed a chronic tension condition, there are effective head and neck tension treatments available to you RIGHT NOW.

Understanding each patient's unique chronic tension condition is the key. New Jersey Headache Relief Center uses pioneering diagnostic tools to understand your pain.

Chronic tension patients can be nearly or entirely free from tension in under 3 months.

NO drugs...

NO needles...

...and NO MORE PAIN.

Dr. Ekstein provides comprehensive head and neck chronic tension diagnosis.

Chronic Head and Neck Tension Diagnosis

A thorough diagnosis of your unique chronic head & neck tension condition is where we always begin because every situation IS different. When it comes to the head and neck, many parts need to work harmoniously together for pain and tension-free function. Finding out which neuromuscular forces are involved inside YOU is the key.

Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treatments are available at New Jersey Headache Relief Center (NJHRC).

Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treatments

Neuromuscular rehabilitation has proven extremely successful in mitigating chronic head and neck tension for the long-term. Once the diagnostics and examination protocols conclude, Dr. Ekstein will be able to customize a treatment regimen suited to your unique chronic tension condition. We target the root causes for chronic tension and pain, not the symptoms.