Getting a comprehensive chronic head and neck tension diagnosis at New Jersey Headache Relief Center may provide new answers about your pain.

Chronic tension in the head and neck is not as simple a diagnosis as many people — indeed, many healthcare providers THINK it is. Every chronic tension patient is unique and each person has identifiable neuromuscular force imbalances that contribute to a unique pain experience.

Our diagnostic approach allows us find the neuromuscular force problems that either contribute to chronic head & neck tension or directly cause it.


At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we will perform a series of painless procedures to get to the root causes of YOUR head and neck tension:
Head trauma, accidents, sports injuries, or previously completed orthodontics can all produce head and neck muscle tension, but which is the true cause? Or are there multiple factors involved in making the tension and pain you endure ‘chronic’ in nature?  Reviewing your past health experiences can reveal chronic tension causes you didn’t even consider before seeing Dr. Ekstein.

Ruling in or out any accidents or other past health factors can also lead to better, more targeted protocols being employed in your chronic head and neck tension treatment sessions. This is exactly what we want.

There is a known and well-established link between chronic head and neck tension and recurring headaches. These tension headaches can be chronic and quite severe. Understanding your history with headaches and migraines is critical to successful treatment protocol selection.

Dr. Ekstein’s comprehensive diagnostic approach is designed to get to the heart of root causes. Do you also experience tension headaches? If so, know that our chronic tension treatment protocols can reduce both tension AND related headache pain.

The origin for chronic head and neck tension can be traced to neuromuscular force problems in the dentomandibular complex. Long-term chronic tension relief IS possible, though, with targeted neuromuscular rehabilitation of the affected areas. However, we must first examine and understand the complex relationships of these forces to properly select the appropriate chronic tension treatments.

A t-scan device is a tool used by neuromuscular dentists like Dr. Ekstein to better understand the bite force relationships in patients with chronic pain. Knowing what and where you have neuromuscular imbalances (bite problems) gives Dr. Ekstein what he needs to eliminate pain and restore balance and harmony. Dr. Ekstein can actually show you where the problems are using personalized, computer-generated 3D models.

Part of the diagnostic protocol for chronic tension at NJ Headache Relief Center involves defining any range of motion problems within the head, neck and jaw that exist.

Limited range of motion (as compared to the average person) is a frequent problem in those who suffer with chronic head & neck tension. The degree to which your range of motion is impaired must be known to correct chronic tension problems. Therefore, Dr. Ekstein will take precision digital measurements of your range of motion to determine the extent of your impairment.

Muscle exams are especially helpful in patients that experience chronic head and neck tension and pain. The head and neck areas are where we frequently find knotted and swollen muscles that contribute to tension and stiffness. They are called trigger points.

Trigger points can be painful on their own, but they can also cause pain to refer to other locations you would not immediately assume are related. They can even cause tension headaches.

Dr. Ekstein will palpitate the muscles of your head, face, neck and shoulders to locate any trigger points that exacerbate the tension and pain you experience.  These areas are worked on during your in-office chronic tension treatment sessions.

At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we diagnose chronic head and neck muscle tension by exploring your pain history, exposing neuromuscular force issues, and revealing the root causes for YOUR chronic tension.
Below you can learn how we eliminate the pain... FOR GOOD.
Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treatment at NJHRC can do wonders for those who suffer.

Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treatment

Comprehensive diagnosis reveals the root causes for chronic tension. Now learn how our chronic head and neck tension treatments can help you live without pain.