If chronic pain has been affecting the quality of life for you or your loved ones, visiting our pain relief specialists at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center, is an excellent way to get on the path to lasting relief. With a reputation for innovative approaches in understanding, diagnosing, and treating chronic aches and pains in the head, face, jaws, neck and ears, our North Arlington practice provides some of the most leading edge diagnostic and treatment technologies for our patients. One of our foremost goals is to provide lasting and effective relief from your chronic pain so that you can worry about the important things in life. We enjoy getting acquainted with our patients, and pride ourselves in providing extremely individualized care.


Dr. Richard A. Ekstein is a highly experienced dental practitioner, receiving his dental degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in ’85, and his specialized training as a prosthodontist in ’89 at the Fairliegh Dickinson Prosthodontic Program. A board-certified prosthodontist, with special training in Dentomandibular Rehabilitation, he has combined his knowledge and expertise in an effort to advance the field of chronic pain relief. Dr. Ekstein is nothing short of enthusiastic about his field, keeping with the most current research while participating in continuing education courses and local study groups. As the founder and director of the New Jersey Headache Relief Center in North Arlington, he’s been earning a reputation for providing outstanding care, and commitment to his patients.


At the New Jersey Headache Relief Center, Dr. Ekstein places an emphasis on addressing the root causes of his patient’s pain. He believes that the vast majority of chronic headache and migraine conditions are the result of imbalances in bite force and subsequent muscle tension. After carefully evaluating his patient’s medical history, particularly in instances of prior orthodontic treatment or head trauma, a comprehensive examination is conducted, including a bite force analysis, range of motion analysis, and a muscular exam. Using some of the most sophisticated technology, existing imbalances in your bite can be carefully quantified, and any knots, or trigger points, in the surrounding musculature can be pinpointed. After targeting and evaluating any particular problem areas, treatments that provide relief include massage, electrical stimulation and ultrasound for the effected muscle tissue, low-level cold laser to rehabilitate muscle, and orthodontic appliances to correct imbalanced bites.


Whether you’ve been suffering from chronic headaches, severe migraines, head and neck tension, TMJ / TMD joint discomfort, orofacial pain or tinnitus (ringing in the ears), all patients are welcome to experience the benefits of our neuromuscular dentist’s innovative treatment approaches. You’ll be relieved to learn that at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center, treatment doesn’t involve drugs, needles, or invasive surgical procedures.


If you suffer from chronic head, neck, ear or jaw pain and live in North Arlington, or the nearby towns of Lyndhurst, Belleville or Kearny, consider visiting the experts at New Jersey Headache Relief Center. Conveniently located in North Arlington, just off the Belleville Turnpike at Argyle Place, our office is easy to reach. For lasting and effective relief for your chronic pain, come to our state of the art facility for an evaluation.