Tinnitus diagnosis is often accompanied by provider statements like, ‘we really can’t do anything for you’. Many providers don’t understand it, and most patients find their tinnitus condition hard to describe. The root causes for tinnitus can be difficult or impossible to identify.

If you’ve been diagnosed and treated for tinnitus elsewhere but can’t get relief, you may have bite force problems. A tinnitus diagnosis from NJ Headache Relief Center is a great idea because our diagnostics can provide you with fresh answers.

Your tinnitus may be related to dental force problems. If this is the case, neuromuscular rehabilitation may relieve or even eliminate tinnitus altogether.


During the diagnostic exam visit we will perform a series of pain-free procedures to get to the root causes of YOUR tinnitus condition:
Tinnitus is a condition that comes and goes for some but for others it may be constant. It may be objective or subjective in nature and can be cause by many things, including neuromuscular force imbalances within the Dentomandibular Complex. Dr. Eksten will want to review your history of tinnitus as it helps him to understand what kinds of factors — i.e., accidental trauma, sports injuries, blows to the head, etc. — may have been involved in the original onset of tinnitus.

Additionally, reviewing your past health experiences can reveal potential causes for tinnitus that other providers may not have considered before.

It has been widely reported among tinnitus sufferers that such things as chronic daily headaches, painful migraine episodes and chronic head and neck tension is more frequent when a tinnitus condition exists. This is no fluke — the neuromuscular forces of the head, neck, and mouth regions are all deeply interconnected.

Dr. Ekstein will want to speak with you in detail about your headache history — types of headaches, durations, and intensity — in order to determine how your headache or migraine pain may be related to your tinnitus condition.

The complex neuromuscular force relationships of the mouth, jaw and face are all directly linked to your ears. It’s not only logical — it’s common sense. We know that problems in these areas can cause a wide variety of pain conditions AND tinnitus. Therefore, understanding those neuromuscular relationships and quantifying the dysfunctions is critical to treating tinnitus and related pain.

Bite force analysis allows a neuromuscular dentist such as Dr. Ekstein to precisely measure those force relationships. These measurements allow for bite force equilibration which can relieve or sometimes completely eliminate the tinnitus.

Range of motion problems within the head, neck and jaws are also of interest to Dr. Ekstein when diagnosing tinnitus conditions and any related pain.

Limited range of motion is a frequent problem in those who experience tinnitus. Any range of motion limitations that exist can be digitally measured with precision by Dr. Ekstein.

Once your level of range of motion dysfunction is determined it helps Dr. Ekstein to focus on the correct areas when treating your tinnitus.

Muscle exams are performed on all tinnitus patients because tinnitus is a condition where muscle problems may be contributing to the noise. There may be accompanying areas of stiffness and muscle fatigue that require additional focus during tinnitus treatment sessions. Trigger points can even cause tension headaches or make tinnitus worse — knowing where they are and how severe they are only improves tinnitus treatment outcomes.

Dr. Ekstein palpitates the muscles of the head and neck to identify the trigger points. requiring rehabilitation during your in-office tinnitus treatment sessions.

At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we diagnose tinnitus differently. By studying your pain history and locating neuromuscular force imbalances the root causes for YOUR tinnitus may be revealed.
Below you can learn how we eliminate tinnitus... FOR GOOD.
A proper tinnitus diagnosis at NJHRC can lead to successful tinnitus treatments.

New Tinnitus Treatments — Time to End the Noise

A tinnitus diagnosis at NJ Headache Relief Center can uncover root causes you never knew about — and the right tinnitus treatment protocols stand a very good chance of eliminating the noise. Are you ready to live a life without constant tinnitus suffering?