Proper TMD / TMJ diagnosis or face pain diagnosis at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center is where you should begin your search for TMJ pain relief.

Each TMJ pain and face pain patient we see is different, and as such there are unique factors involved in the specific kind of face pain or TMJ pain that you experience. The process and approach we employ to uncover neuromuscular force imbalances is also quite unique.

You can’t obtain this kind of in-depth diagnostic approach from other kinds of healthcare providers only a trained neuromuscular dentist can do it.


At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we will perform a series of painless procedures to get to the root causes of your TMD / TMJ or face pain:
TMD / TMJ pain conditions can arise when a person experiences certain events, like traumatic injuries to the head, face or jaw. Orthodontic work that was poorly executed can also play a big factor in TMJ or face pain.

Carefully reviewing your past health circumstances helps Dr. Ekstein rule in or out certain events in your past or present. Correlating your precise dental force measurements and other examination results to your reported pain locations is a crucial step in designing highly targeted TMJ treatments or face pain treatments.

At NJ Headache Relief Center we often see patients with face pain, TMD / TMJ problems and other jaw discomforts who also report having a history of headaches and migraines. This is no surprise! There is a known, frequent link between TMJ problems and various headache types.

Dr. Ekstein explores this link as it pertains to each patient’s unique scenario. The goal is to create a customized treatment plan for your unique TMJ problems — and when headaches or migraines are involved, eliminate them as well.

Bite Force Analysis is critical to understanding the relationship between the many forces in your TMJs, face, and teeth.  All must work well in tandem and when they do not there can be chronic pain, which is your body’s way of saying, ‘something’s wrong’. Balance must be restored, and it can be.

Dental force analysis technology is used at NJ Headache Relief Center to precisely measure your neuromuscular forces.  In conjunction with the results of the other examinations we perform, this powerful diagnostic technology helps us to locate the root causes for TMJ pain, face pain and even other pain conditions.

Suffice it to say that there are neuromuscular force imbalances present whenever a patient experiences TMJ pain or face pain. Range of motion problems within the jaw often occur as a result of these force imbalances.

Limitations to your range of motion (as compared to the average person) can be digitally measured to determine the degree to which there is motion impairment. This helps us to design a more precisely targeted face pain treatment or TMJ treatment protocol to eliminate the specific root causes of your pain.

Soreness and stiffness in the muscles of the jaw and face are some of the more common symptoms related to TMJ problems and orofacial pain conditions. There are usually related ‘trigger points’ that must be located and treated.

Trigger points are essentially knots in the muscles of your head, neck, face, and shoulders (muscle tension and pain in the neck is particularly common) that can form over extended periods of jaw disability. Dr. Ekstein will perform a muscle palpitation exam to locate your trigger points so they can receive special care.

While other providers focus on the symptoms of TMJ and face pain to provide temporary relief, here at NJ Headache Relief Center the diagnosis of TMD / TMJ and face pain involves uncovering the root causes for pain… so they can be eliminated.
Below you can learn how we help you to eliminate TMJ pain and orofacial pain for the long-term.
TMD and TMJ treatments at NJHRC can set you free, and face pain treatment is also available.

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Comprehensive diagnosis at NJ Headache Relief Center is only the starting point. Ready for TMD / TMJ & face pain treatments that WORK?