Chronic Daily Headaches & Migraines

Do you suffer with chronic headache pain or migraine pain and need to find a long-term solution that actually works? Or is there someone you love coping with debilitating headaches or migraines? If so, there’s something you need to know. There are those who have endured headache and migraine suffering for years that ARE getting relief. New diagnostic technologies are uncovering the root causes for these conditions so the pain can be eliminated — without drugs, surgery, or major lifestyle changes. If you suffer with any of the conditions or symptoms below then headache and migraine treatment at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center may solve it:
  •  Chronic Daily Headaches

  •  Chronic Tension Headaches

  •  Cluster Headaches

  •  Medication Overuse Headaches

  •  Migraines with an Aura

  •  Migraines without Aura

  •  Menstrual Migraines

  •  Migraines with Chronic Tension

TMD / TMJ Pain, Jaw Discomforts & Face Pain

Are you one of the millions who suffer with frequent TMJ pain or jaw discomfort? Do you experience face pain that you can’t explain? If so, then you already know how much it can hurt to do simple things like chew, swallow, or yawn. Most people take these tasks for granted and rarely if ever think about their Temporomandibular joints. Whether you experience excruciating TMJ pain, unexplained face pain or just annoying but minor jaw discomfort, know that without proper TMJ treatment Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) can take a degenerative path and worsen over time. You should be evaluated if you experience any of these symptoms:
  •  Pain when you eat or chew

  •  Pain when you yawn or speak

  •  Jaw clicking or popping noises

  •  Grinding with or w/o pain


  •  Limited range of motion

  •  Chronic headaches or migraines

  •  Frequent head & neck tension

  •  Facial muscle stiffness or fatigue

Chronic Head and Neck Tension

If you’ve ever experienced chronic pain, soreness, and stiffness associated with muscle tension then you know how frustrating life can be when you have it. Sleeping, eating, and sitting are difficult to endure and it seems as if it doesn’t matter what position you fidget you way into… it’s never enough to relieve the tension and pain. Chronic tension in the head and neck area is particularly difficult to endure because the pain and tension are always right there with you. Medications only mask the symptoms, but we may have a more permanent solution for you. You should be evaluated at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center for neuromuscular force problems if you experience any of these symptoms:


  •  Chronic neck pain & tension

  •  Chronic head pain & tension

  •  Head/neck soreness & fatigue

  •  Persistent facial tightness

  •  Painful knots in head/neck

  •  Regular tension headaches


Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

Imagine living your life every single day with strange ringing noises, humming, buzzing, or roaring sounds in your head. Where do these noises come from? Why does it happen? If you have a condition known as Tinnitus there’s no need for imagination — the noises are all too real and they won’t stop. WHY these noises occur is difficult to determine at best as most health care providers simply cannot provide answers. Since we KNOW that jaw dysfunction and bite force problems are often present in tinnitus sufferers it makes sense that there would be a causal link. If there IS a link, there’s a good chance we can eliminate your tinnitus. Get evaluated if you experience any of these symptoms:


  •  Ear ringing noises

  •  Wooshing or hissing sounds

  •  Whistling or roaring noises

  •  Ear tingling sensation

  •  Throbbing and pulsing sensations

  •  Any of these but with pain


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