Dr. Richard A. Ekstein

Director, NJ Headache Relief Center


When it comes to relieving headache and migraine pain, TMJ problems, chronic tension and other painful conditions I can honestly say that there is no greater joy. After many years in the healthcare industry I have seen many “cures” and many “band aids” for various chronic pain conditions, but most of the time the solutions being pushed out there are strictly temporary in their nature. Too often my patients were being medicated constantly by other healthcare practitioners, yet the drugs were not getting them permanent relief.

Many of my own dental patients over the years have chosen to talk to me about their pain. They have described their unique pain conditions to me, detailed the debilitating impact that the pain brought to their lives — and for the longest time there was simply nothing i could do about it. While I had long suspected that some of the pain conditions being reported were linked to neuromuscular force issues in the dentomandibular complex, we didn’t know enough about how the forces interacted. The diagnostic tools weren’t there to make quantitative measurements.

A few years beck things began to change. New diagnostic technologies and treatment protocols began to surface and the clinical results were astonishing in even the most chronic cases. I saw an opportunity to explore these new diagnostic technologies, as well as study the neuromuscular rehabilitation protocols that could be employed once the causes for pain were accurately diagnosed. It has been my life’s work to improve my patients’ lives. I personally gain satisfaction when together we can achieve the best possible outcome.This changed my career path forever, and gave birth to the New Jersey Headache Relief Center where we now solve complex pain conditions all the time — without drugs, needles or invasive surgical procedures. Permanent pain relief is possible

My Prosthodontic training was a perfect foundation to support the next generation Dentomandibular Rehabilitation treatments we wanted to offer. Now, with breakthrough advancements in technology and direct access to to the right equipment we are confident that we can help most patients to achieve a healthier, pain-free life for the long-term.


Over the years I have had many professional interests — not the least of which is staying at the cutting edge of Neuromuscular Dentistry techniques for long-term pain resolution.

“I am passionate about providing headache relief and adding comfort back into the lives of those who chronically suffer. Helping to relieve someone’s pain is the greatest reward I could ever hope for.” — Dr. Ekstein

In addition to my ‘numero uno’ passion — New Jersey Headache Relief Center — I also enjoy being one of the examiners on the Rutgers’s mock boards so that I can help to prepare the the next generation of prosthodontists for their board certifications.

“I am also a perfectionist at heart; I believe no matter what task or job is at hand, it’s worth doing exceptionally!” — Dr. Ekstein

I also participate in numerous continuing education courses and local study groups so that I can stay on top of any and all advancements that may help me to advance my practices technically and provide patients with with better care.


Graduated - University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - 1985

Graduated - Fairliegh Dickinson Prosthodontic Graduate Program - 1989

Began to pursue Board Certification in Prosthodontics - 2005

Earned title of ``Diplomate`` - Board Certificationin Prosthodontics - 2009

Completed Training in Dentomandibular Rehabilitation - 2013


Originally from West Caldwell, New Jersey, I now call Byram my home. I’ve been happily married for 25 years to my wife, Fran, who now works with me. We have two daughters: Amanda teaches English overseas and Aurora attends the University of Connecticut. I’ve been a dog person for my entire life and have one at home and the ones that have passed live on in my heart.

When I’m not in the office I enjoy skiing and restoring classic cars. In the fall I try to sit back and enjoy the colors, and on occasion my wife and I will take long rides down quiet country roads.

Lately I enjoy crying over my favorite team J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS! When football season is over I step into my skis and hit the slops as much as possible to enjoy the snow.