Fran Ekstein

Office Manager / DMRT, New Jersey Headache Relief Center


Fran is thrilled to have helped Dr. Ekstein create the New Jersey Headache Relief Center (NJHRC) and has been intimately involved with its development since inception. As office manager she is involved in all aspects of the practice and is incredibly proud of the she and the doctor have assembled.

“The highlight of my career in health care has been to become a DMRT here at the Center.  It has opened an avenue for me to develop a deeper understanding of the true causes behind TMJ pain, headaches, and migraine pain. It is so rewarding knowing that we have the ability to get significant and long-term pain relief for our chronic pain patients around 95% of the time or better. We are changing people’s lives! – Fran Ekstein

Fran and Richard have been married for 28 years and they have two wonderful girls who are now beginning to explore the world as adults. When she comes home from her day at NJHRC her loveable ‘red-boned coon hound’ Sadie greets her with floppy ears and wagging tail! Fran loves the outdoors and enjoys the company of her dog Sadie on long walks.

Fran also loves to ski and is a member of PSIA. Upon retiring she plans on continuing to teach skiing to those that want to experience the fun of sliding on snow, but admittedly she agrees that retirement is a long way off. Right now her number 1 passion in life is New Jersey Headache Relief Center.