Liz G.

Dentomandibular Rehabilitation Technician, NJHRC


In 2014, she became a certified Dentomandibular Rehabilitation Technician (DMRT) capable performing treatment modalities critical to the rehabilitation of imbalanced neuromuscular forces. She helps patients overcome a variety of chronic pain conditions, and thinks she has one of the best jobs in the world.

In addition to being a fantastic DMRT, Liz also has 17 years of dental experience — 6 as a registered dental assistant and 11 as a registered dental hygienist. Her professional development interests have covered a lot of ground over the years. She has explored many specialties of dentistry such as Periodontal and Oral Surgery.

“I enjoy working together with patients to achieve a level of care they can feel good about. At New Jersey Headache Center I get to do that every day. The goal for our entire team is to help patients achieve total body wellness, and being a part of that is a special feeling. Seeing the results of our treatments here at NJHRC has been professionally and personally rewarding for me.” Liz G.

Liz is very much a family person. Her family is everything to her. She is blessed to be married to a great man of 10 years. She has two wonderful nieces who have inspired her to plan a family of her own. She loves to travel, and is always planning the next great get away with her great partner.

When you see Liz share her experience and knowledge with patients to educate and comfort you immediately know that you are lucky to have her as a team member. The NJHRC team would not be the same without her!