Mary R.

Receptionist, New Jersey Headache Relief Center


Mary is a relatively new member of our team. She has been with New Jersey Headache Relief Center for just over 6 months and had several years of experience in health care prior to joining us.

Mary is unique among the staff in that she suffered with headaches, migraines and TMJ pain for a long time prior to coming to work for NJHRC.  However, Dr. Ekstein was able to uncover some of the problems causing her pain and helped her break free.  She regularly shares her story with patients because she can truly relate to the pain experiences that those who suffer must endure.

“As a patient of the NJ Headache Relief Center I realized there was no reason for me to live with migraines. When starting treatment I knew I already had TMJ issues but never really thought it could be linked to my headaches. Once the treatment began I immediately noticed a slight relief in the tension and pulsating in my head. During my visits there were slight adjustments made to my bite so that my teeth could sit together like a perfectly fitted puzzle. After completing the treatment I was 95% headache free, and now months after treatment I am happy to say I am borderline 100% and couldn’t be happier.” — Mary R.

When Mary isn’t in the office serving up smiles to our patients she is an avid DIY’er with many different project interests.

Mary also enjoys hitting the slopes and carvin’ it up with her snowboard. Now that she lives without headaches, migraines and TMJ pain her personal interests hold much more joy. Living her life without pain truly set her free.


Mary wanted to share her experiences with patients considering treatment. When she felt that enough progress had been made with her headaches and migraine she sat down for a brief video: