Melissa P.

Dentomandibular Rehabilitation Technician (DMRT)


Melissa is a certified Dentomandibular Rehabilitation Technician (DMRT) with the New Jersey Headache Relief Center. Melissa has proven herself to be a caring, devoted DMRT who always goes out of her way to make our patients comfortable. She also maintains a phone line that we make available to our patients at all times to answer any questions or emergencies they may have.

Being so familiar with many of the patients I serve every day is wonderful… and having grown up here I’m so happy that what I contribute professionally through the New Jersey Headache Relief Center benefits people I know — right here in my town.” – Melissa P.

Melissa is a long-standing team member and brings professionalism, practicality, and laughs to staff and patients alike. Melissa is a highly-experienced registered dental assistant who has worked for Dr. Ekstein for 18 years. She’s originally from this area, and therefore she has a personal connection with its residents. In fact, many of the local patients we serve she knows personally.