Relief is in sight! From the moment your begin our preliminary questionnaire, you are on your way to pain relief!

Everything starts with preparing some initial documentation prior to your first office visit at NJHRC. Here on the web site we provide an initial examination questionnaire which will help our office determine symptoms and pain you are experiencing. These initial questions will also help us to begin to determine what may be causing your pain. We like to collect information that may point to contributing factors for your headaches, migraines or other pain to include accidents and trauma, as well as any problems that developed when you were younger. The more information Dr. Ekstein can collect about you dental, medical, head, back, and neck health the better.

While filling out the medical history forms, be sure to include complete, full, up-to-date information. If you have been hospitalized, had surgery, or been ill within the past year it should be brought to our office’s attention. We will also need to know of any medications you are currently on, as well as dosage. If this information changes between appointments be sure to let us know! This information, paired with the diagnostic information obtained at your first office visit will help us to provide you with safe and effective treatment protocols that could mean a lifetime free from pain.

During your initial evaluation, Dr. Ekstein will take a computerized measurement of your head and jaw to determine any muscle or bone issues that may be causing your pain. With these quick and painless tests he can easily discover where you may have neuromuscular force problems. This diagnostic information, paired with your initial questionnaire, will provide Dr. Ekstein with the ‘full picture,’ so that he may determine if you are a solid candidate for treatment and then assign the appropriate treatment protocols.

During your initial exam, Dr. Ekstein will also review other potential problem areas that may need to be addressed during your treatment process.


After the initial exam and diagnosis, Dr. Ekstein may also prescribe an ongoing treatment plan involving neuromuscular rehabilitation. Designed with long lasting pain relief in mind, our ongoing treatment plans are not one size fits all solutions and will be different for each patient.

At New Jersey Headache Relief Center you’ll find that our treatment modalities are drug free, needle free, and painless. Using patented technologies and performed in our office, these treatments have been used in sports medicine treatment and have been shown to work extremely well in patients who suffer with chronic pain. The main reason why NJHRC may succeed where other treatments have failed you in the past is that Dr. Ekstein treats the root causes for pain — not just the symptoms.