Too many people in the world are suffering with chronic headaches and migraines and have no clue as to WHY. Getting a comprehensive headache and migraine diagnosis at New Jersey Headache Relief Center is the first step in knowing why YOU experience headache or migraine pain.

Every patient we see essentially represents a unique pain condition. However, so many patients we see at NJHRC reach out for the same reasons.  They feel as if they have exhausted all other options.

Know that you have NOT exhausted your options. Our diagnostic approach allows us to decipher complex headache and migraine pain conditions that often baffle other healthcare providers.


At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we will perform a series of painless procedures to get to the root causes of YOUR headache and migraine pain:
Sometimes life circumstances such as head trauma from accidents, sports injuries, or previously completed orthodontics can lead to complex headache and migraine conditions. A comprehensive review of your past health can shed light on the causes for your headache and migraine pain.

Additionally, investigating your past health circumstances thoroughly may help to rule out incidents or factors previously thought to be involved in your unique headache or migraine manifestations.

If you have suffered with painful headache and/or migraine symptoms for an extended time you aren’t alone. There are those who suffer for years. Your history of experiencing headache symptoms is critically important to Dr. Ekstein.

Understanding your history of headache and migraine symptoms allows Dr. Ekstein to provide a more comprehensive diagnosis. It also allows him to create a customized treatment regimen for your unique headache or migraine condition.

The soft and hard tissues of your TMJs, face, and teeth must work in harmony for pain-free function. These structures are interdependent and complex.

Dr. Ekstein uses sophisticated dental force analysis technology to measure the neuromuscular forces at work in these structures. Understanding the relationship between dental forces and pain manifestation was not even possible a few short years back. Now that it is, detailed force relationship information can be gathered to create 3-dimensional computer models of your force distributions. The goal is to precisely locate dental imbalances requiring neuromuscular rehabilitation.

When a patient has chronic headaches or migraines there are usually neuromuscular force (dental force) imbalances present. Range of motion problems within the head, neck and jaw usually accompany force distribution problems detected in headache or migraine sufferers.

If you have limited range of motion (as compared to the average person) then understanding the degree of impairment is crucial to the treatment plan. During the exam Dr. Ekstein takes detailed digital measurements to map your range of motion impairment.

Soreness and stiffness in the muscles of the face and neck are commonplace in headache and migraine sufferers. These areas are known as trigger points.

Trigger points often take the form of knots in the musculature underneath your skin and at varying degrees of depth. The existence of trigger points usually causes cause pain to radiate outward or refer into other areas.

Dr. Ekstein will perform a muscle palpitation exam in order to locate your trigger points. During treatment these areas receive special attention.

At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we diagnose by exploring your pain history, pinpointing your neuromuscular force problems, and identifying trigger points that exacerbate your headache and migraine pain.
Below you can learn how we eliminate the pain... FOR GOOD.
Headache Treatments and Migraine treatment at New Jersey Headache Relief Center may be the solution.

Headache Treatment / Migraine Treatments

Comprehensive diagnosis at New Jersey Headache Relief Center was just the beginning. We have headache and migraine treatments that WORK!