If there were headache and migraine treatments available that could eliminate your chronic pain, how would that free you? What would you be able to do?

How about… anything you want. If you’re tired of coping with chronic headache and migraine pain, New Jersey Headache Relief Center wants to help you put that pain behind you. Just imagine never taking another day off work due to the chronic headache suffering, or sitting in dark rooms with a cold compress on your head, or missing social engagements because you fear an unexpected migraine episode. Imagine headache and migraine treatments that avoid unnecessary risks and cause no pain or harm in and of themselves.

NJHRC’s headache and migraine treatment involves NO drugs. We feel that medications are too often prescribed by providers who lack a deeper understanding of neuromuscular force problems and cannot see the big picture. Our headache and migraine treatment protocols focus on identifying the root causes of pain — not just the symptoms — because this treatment approach can produce lasting pain relief.


New Jersey Headache Relief Center can offer you breakthrough treatment modalities — specifically, headache and migraine treatments that do NOT rely on drugs, needles, or invasive surgical procedures to get you lasting headache & migraine pain relief.

Below you’ll find explanations of the more frequently used treatment modalities employed at NJHRC. Our headache & migraine treatment protocols involve FDA-approved, proven technologies for achieving long-term pain relief:

Trigger Point Treatment

We frequently use manual massage techniques in our headache and migraine treatment protocols. Massaging the trigger points — sub-dermal pockets of tension and pain — can bring an immediate decrease to pain intensity and eliminate muscle tension.

Locating and breaking up knotty trigger points in the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders is crucial — especially when chronic muscle tension accompanies a headache or migraine condition. By increasing blood flow to those areas and subsequently decreasing the inflammation and pain we are ultimately creating the conditions necessary for accelerated healing.

Alpha Stim Technology

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) involves introducing a low-level electrical signal into the muscles. The Alpha Stim device we use delivers a microcurrent with a unique waveform that interacts with the bioelectricity in the body of a headache and migraine sufferer, resulting in a reduction of pain intensity and frequency over time.

Electrical stimulation is an excellent modality for use in headache and migraine treatment because the electrical signals reduce both muscle spasms and the potential for referral pain into other areas. Electrical stimulation ‘scrambles’ the pain signals being sent to your brain and encourages healthy nerve stimulation.

Beneficial Soundwaves

Ultrasound technology is used to deliver sound waves into the muscle tissue. Using an ultrasound device offers several key benefits to those who suffer with chronic pain conditions.

Ultrasound, first and foremost, is not noisy and does not hurt.  In fact, it feels good!  Patients describe it as a warming sensation and similar to getting a mild massage.  Additionally, ultrasound aids in returning proper circulation to sore and strained muscles by increasing blood flow through the application of heat.

The ultrasound device we use can penetrate up to 5 inches deep, which makes it appropriate for treating headache and migraine trigger points without needing to physically penetrate the skin.

Cold Laser Technology

Cold laser technology is a headache and migraine treatment modality used by NJHRC. Cold laser is used to rehabilitate trigger points with red light photons, or infrared. The photons work on tissues — actually, the hard AND soft tissues of the body — to encourage rapid and comprehensive healing.

Low-level cold laser application can reduce pain and inflammation, providing multiple benefits to headache and migraine sufferers.

Finally, cold laser application is a strong choice for headache and migraine treatment and other pain conditions because it helps to reconnect the neurological pathways.

Bite Force Realignment

Rehabilitation orthotics are key to the long-term success of our headache and migraine treatment protocols at NJHRC. A rehabilitation orthotic is a device placed in the mouth to train the bite and allow the musculature of the mouth and jaws to return to their best resting positions. The muscles and forces of the head, neck, teeth, mouth, jaws, etc., are all related.

When these muscles become overworked and forces are imbalanced, harmony must be restored to achieve pain-free function. Neuromuscular Dentists like Dr. Ekstein use rehabilitation orthotics to make this possible. Dr. Ekstein performs occlusal adjustments to your rehab orthotic periodically throughout your headache and migraine treatment course. In this way your bite can be trained to achieve its optimal position, the way mother nature originally intended. These breakthrough treatment protocols are only offered in this manner by neuromuscular dentists.

Use of other treatment modalities in tandem with rehabilitation orthotics is what makes long-term pain relief a reality!


Why not get back to pain-free living? After all, there’s no reason to live with chronic headache and migraine pain — not anymore.

The first step in the process is to receive a comprehensive headache or migraine diagnosis at New Jersey Headache Relief Center by Dr. Ekstein. The diagnostic exams can be completed in one office visit and you’ll be able to get answers almost immediately. Most people have neuromuscular force problems at the root of their headache and migraine pain, but the exact nature of your neuromuscular force imbalances must be known. Then Dr. Ekstein can customize a unique set of migraine and headache treatments to eliminate your pain.

Again, NJHRC’s headache and migraine treatments will target root causes for your unique headache or migraine pain condition — not just your symptoms. You could even be PAIN-FREE in under 3 months.

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Get comprehensively diagnosed and receive breakthrough headache & migraine treatments for long-term pain relief at New Jersey Headache Relief Center!