Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears) Affects Millions of People

Tinnitus is a more common condition than you might think. It is thought that over 12 million people in America suffer with tinnitus conditions ranging from mild and annoying to constant and severe. In fact, there are those who experience constant auditory anomalies that affect their ability to mentally focus and take them to the brink of depression. This is NO way to live.

Tinnitus conditions can manifest in countless ways and the list of symptoms reported by tinnitus sufferers is long. Tinnitus is frequently a subjective condition with complexities unique to the patient. This makes uncovering the root causes for tinnitus a difficult task with today’s audiological diagnostics.

Many Suffering With Tinnitus Are Not Getting Relief

Most people suffering with persistent tinnitus symptoms eventually seek help from audiology experts, ENTs, or other specialists. A great many take medications or endure session after session of ineffective therapy just to cope with symptoms and control the noise. Some get tinnitus relief — others continue to suffer.

Healthcare providers face difficult challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus due to the many potential causes which may include trauma events, neurological problems, allergies, foreign objects, noise exposure, infections in the ear, or TMD / TMJ.

The root cause of Tinnitus can at times be readily identifiable — long exposure to loud noises at the workplace, head and ear trauma from an accident, etc. However, too frequently the root causes for tinnitus remain unknown.

Your ears, your jaw, your face, teeth and musculature are all complex structures that must work in harmony. Tinnitus can result if they don't.

Pioneering diagnostics used at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center could uncover neuromuscular forces serving as the root cause of tinnitus.

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Bite force analysis is part of every tinnitus diagnosis at NJHRC.

Have Tinnitus Symptoms? Get Diagnosed.

New Jersey Headache Relief Center can offer you a new kind of tinnitus diagnosis that uncovers any neuromuscular force problems and bite force imbalances contributing to your unique tinnitus condition. These neuromuscular forces may even be the root cause.

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Breakthrough Tinnitus Treatments

In tinnitus patients where significant and measurable bite force imbalances are detected, neuromuscular rehabilitation can be employed to reduce tinnitus severity. Our tinnitus treatments may reduce your symptoms or even bring an end of your tinnitus suffering altogether.