Tinnitus is either subjective or objective in its nature. Objective Tinnitus means that both you and the provider can hear noise in the ear when it is manipulated. Subjective Tinnitus cannot be heard by others — only by the one suffering with auditory anomalies.

In the case of subjective tinnitus the noise may be heard as a result of neuromuscular force problems such as overworked muscles in the head, neck, and face. Bite misalignment is usually present and may have been originally caused by some form of accidental trauma to the head and ears.

Eliminating the force imbalances and restoring harmony IS possible. Quite frankly, if you have already sought conventional treatments and had no luck, your tinnitus could easily be due to unresolved force problems. Tinnitus treatments at NJHRC could change everything.

At New Jersey Headache Relief Center we will do everything we can to get to the root of your tinnitus condition.  No medications or surgical procedures are ever used when we treat tinnitus.  If we uncover neuromuscular force problems then painless rehabilitation is an option that could produce long-term tinnitus relief.


CALL US at NJ Headache Relief Center and explore new options for tinnitus treatment. Get diagnosed by Dr. Ekstein and find out if neuromuscular force problems are exacerbating your tinnitus symptoms or even serving as the direct cause. If they are, we may be able to bring an end to your frustrating tinnitus suffering and stop the noise.

Below we briefly discuss some of the beneficial rehabilitation & treatment modalities that NJHRC may employ in your customized tinnitus treatment course:

Trigger Point Treatment

We frequently use manual massage techniques in our treatment protocols for tinnitus. We often find that tension and pain do accompany tinnitus conditions, although they do not necessarily have to. Areas of tension and pain beneath the skin called trigger points often do exist in tinnitus patients — particularly in the neck facial areas. If you have sore and stiff areas in those areas we can work on them to eliminate pain and tension.

What we want to do is identify the trigger points in the head, neck, face, and shoulders so they can be broken up because tinnitus symptoms can be exacerbated by the existence of trigger points. The goal then is to increase blood flow to those areas, and decrease inflammation and pain if present. This helps the body to rapidly heal and can reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Alpha Stim Treatment

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) is when you introduce low-level electrical signals into the muscles. Our Alpha Stim technology delivers a microcurrent with a unique waveform to the muscles that interacts with the bioelectricity in your body. This can result in the reduction of pain symptoms where trigger points are present and may even help to reduce your tinnitus symptoms over time.

Electrical stimulation can be beneficial for tinnitus patients because the electrical signals may reduce the muscle spasms and referral pain associated with trigger points. Electrical stimulation alters pain signals being sent to your brain, encourages nerve regeneration where there has been nerve damage, and may help you end the noise.

Beneficial Soundwaves

Ultrasound technology is used to deliver sound waves into the muscle tissue and tinnitus sufferers can benefit from its use.  Ultrasound isn’t noisy, doesn’t hurt, and actually feels pleasant.  Patients often describe ultrasound as a warming feeling akin to receiving a gentle massage.  Ultrasound also has the ability to return healthy circulation to any muscles that may be sore or strained via heat application and increased blood flow.

The ultrasound device we use can penetrate deep under the skin which means it is a good choice for rehabilitating trigger points that may be contributing to the tinnitus condition you experience.

Cold Laser Technology

Low-level application of cold laser is a treatment modality frequently employed by our DMRTs here at NJHRC. Cold laser can help to rehabilitate trigger points in the body through the introduction of red light photons, or infrared light to the affected muscles. Red light photons work on the tissues — hard and soft tissues — to promote quicker healing.

Cold laser application offers additional benefits to tinnitus sufferers. It can help by reducing pain and inflammation to muscles of the head, face, and neck, but it can also help tinnitus patients by promoting the reconnection of neurological pathways that have degraded over time.

Bite Force Realignment

Rehabilitation orthotics are mouthpieces used at NJHRC to aid in treatment.  We use them because they play a key role in producing successful long-term outcomes for neuromuscular rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation orthotic devices are placed inside the mouth to train the bite to return to its best and most natural resting position. The muscles of the head, neck, teeth, mouth, jaws, etc. are related in such a way that a rehab orthotic is needed to maintain the progress made during treatment.

Breakthrough treatment protocols for tinnitus such as this can and should be performed by a trained and experienced neuromuscular dentist.  Dr. Ekstein can augment your treatment with rehabilitation orthotics to make long-term tinnitus relief possible.


NJHRC is ready to comprehensively evaluate you for neuromuscular force issues and, if appropriate, offer you a pioneering approach to tinnitus treatment for long-term resolution of auditory anomalies.

Dr. Ekstein begins with a series of tinnitus diagnosis protocols which includes careful examination of your past history with tinnitus and other potentially related health issues. In a single office visit he takes precise measurements of you bite force distributions, maps your range of motion debilitation, and palpates the muscles to find neuromuscular stress points.

Once we know what’s going on, YOU know what’s going on. Dr. Ekstein can then design a customized tinnitus treatment plan to correct your unique force relationship problems.

Tinnitus treatment at NJHRC always looks to eliminate root causes for tinnitus. You could be largely if not entirely free from tinnitus suffering in less than 3 months.

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Get fresh answers with a tinnitus diagnosis from NJHRC. If you are a candidate for our tinnitus treatments then long-term relief from tinnitus may be just around the corner!