How Can You Achieve Lasting TMJ Pain Relief?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) are characterized by pain or tenderness in the face and jaw joint area. TMJ problems can even extend to the neck and shoulders and cause additional problems for the ears (i.e., tinnitus).

There’s no question that TMJ pain is frequently experienced as a result of having dental force imbalances. Most people do NOT have perfect teeth and therefore TMJ pain is relatively commonplace. Those with TMD or TMJ pain should seek out a TMJ diagnosis from a neuromuscular dentist. In this way the root causes for pain can be exposed and TMJ treatment protocols can succeed. New Jersey Headache Relief Center can help you eliminate TMJ pain once and for all.

If You Have Face Pain, Is It Related to TMD?

Facial pain CAN be related to TMD, but there may be other causes. In fact, face pain has been linked to TMD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, bite force problems, abscessed teeth, sinus problems, and facial traumas. Sometimes people seek help for face pain but root causes can elude even the most skilled doctors.

With so many potential causes for face pain there is a clear need for new approaches to face pain diagnosis. Breakthrough technologies such as dental force analysis are now making it possible to expose the neuromuscular force problems that cause your face pain. This changes everything.

If you are one of the millions who suffer with face pain, New Jersey Headache Relief Center may be the answer. We use dental force analysis to uncover root causes for complex facial pain conditions. We also have pioneering face pain treatment protocols that could bring you long term relief from face pain.

What we now understand about the root causes for TMD, TMJ Pain & Face Pain is producing successful treatment outcomes and long term TMJ & Face Pain Relief.

Breakthrough diagnostic technologies allow us to understand each patient's unique pain condition in a way never before possible.

Pioneering TMJ and face pain treatments are here. Neuromuscular rehabilitation is now possible...

Without drugs.

Without needles.

Without surgery.

Dr. Ekstein explains the bite misalignments to a patient after providing a thorough TMD / TMJ diagnosis.

TMD, TMJ and Face Pain Diagnosis

Receiving a comprehensive TMJ diagnosis or face pain diagnosis at the New Jersey Headache Relief Center could reveal exactly WHY you experience TMJ pain or face pain. If bite force problems and neuromuscular force imbalances are at the root of your TMJ pain or face pain, we’ll find them.

TMD and TMJ treatment at New Jersey Headache Relief Center.

TMD, TMJ and Face Pain Treatments

Once the diagnostics and examination protocols have been completed Dr. Ekstein has a variety of TMJ treatments and face pain treatments that could bring you lasting pain relief. We target the root causes for pain — not the symptoms — which is why our treatments often succeed where others fail.